Fantasy. History. Mystery. Monsters.

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Here’s the news for July:

I’m working on Monsters!

…specifically a novel about King Solomon’s ring, a wicked djinni, and a band of thieves in Gilded Age New York

…and History!

…a new play about stunt reporter Nellie Bly and her trip around the world in eighty days

…and Stories! Here’s the latest from June:

Last month, I was in New York City, working with New Plays for Young Audiences on the development of my family play,  “John Henry.” Pictured is the talented acting duo, Shawn-Hebert Felton and Rakel Arroyo, who played my lead characters, John Henry Junior (Jayjay) and Grace Flynn. Based on the famous American folk-ballad, and about one of the first African American superheroes, the play takes place in a railroad camp a decade or so after the American Civil War. Karl O’Brien Williams directed the piece and the play was performed at the historic Provincetown Playhouse in Greenwich Village. The readings went very well, and I got some valuable feedback for future drafts and productions. Thanks to NYU and NPYA!

Coming up:

A reading of my original play “The Pink Unicorn” will be part of Illusion Theater’s summer Fresh Ink Series in Minneapolis. The play tells the story of a Christian widow whose life is thrown into turmoil when her teenage daughter announces she is genderqueer and starting a chapter of the Gay and Straight Alliance at her local high school. The reading will star award-winning actress, Kate Guentzel.